Numerology 23 March 2022: Know what is your lucky number and auspicious color today

Today Numerology 23 March 2022 (Numerology Number 23 March 2022): The radix of a person is the sum of the date of that person in the calculation of numerology. For example, suppose someone was born on 22nd April. So 2+2 =4 is the sum of the digits of his date of birth. Meaning that person’s radix will be called 2. Whereas Bhagyank is the sum total of the date of birth, the month of birth and year of birth. For example, if someone is born on 06-05 -2001. So the sum of all these numbers is called Bhagyank. 0+6+0+5 +2+0+0+1=14 =5 means 5 is his Bhagyank. So, through numerology, what is your radix, lucky number and lucky color. know

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Number – 1 (Daily Numerology Number) (Today Lucky Number) (Lucky Colour Today)

The eyes of the boss will be on your work. The mind will remain distracted, it may get hurt. You can get into some trouble. Family members will go ahead and support you. You will get the happiness of children. There is a possibility of loss in business.

Lucky Number – 10
Lucky color – Brown

Number – 2 (Daily Numerology Number) (Today Lucky Number) (Lucky Colour Today)

There will be enthusiasm in nature today. You will get the support of friends. A picnic or outing program with friends can be made. Bank balance will increase. Job opportunities will be available with the help of a colleague. There may also be a call for a job. Money invested in a profitable business will strengthen the bank balance.

Lucky Number – 20
Lucky color – light green

Number – 3 (Daily Numerology Number) (Today Lucky Number) (Lucky Colour Today)

Will make new plans in business. Success is knocking at your door. Relatives may arrive at home. Today you will have great confidence. This is the right day to take admission in competition or higher education, you will get success in it later. Will be involved in religious programs or festivals.

Lucky Number – 12
Lucky color – Yellow

Number – 4 (Daily Numerology Number) (Today Lucky Number) (Lucky Colour Today)

It’s a profitable day. A job offer may come. Will be busy Will work from home today. The stalled work will gain momentum. Relationship with lover can be fixed. There may be a sudden dispute in married life. Investments will be beneficial by investing in mutual funds.

Lucky Number – 2
Lucky color – blue

Number – 5 (Daily Numerology Number) (Today Lucky Number) (Lucky Colour Today)

It is a day full of success. Travel will be beneficial. The day will be positive. Make a plan to achieve your goal. Students will get success. Will work with enthusiasm. Husband and wife will take decisions after understanding each other’s feelings. Follow the rules in food. Stomach upset may occur. You will get benefit from real estate.

Lucky Number – 14
Lucky color – white

Number – 6 (Daily Numerology Number) (Today Lucky Number) (Lucky Colour Today)

Contact will be made with a new person, which will prove beneficial in the future. A plan for a trip or a trip with family can be made. Time will be spent with lover. Use computer, internet etc. Will impress the boss. Invest in a better plan.

Lucky Number- 24
Lucky color – pink

Number – 7 (Daily Numerology Number) (Today Lucky Number) (Lucky Colour Today)

New friends will be made. Love relationships can also be established. The mood will be romantic. You will win the hearts of people with your sweet voice. You can get a bonus. Salary may increase. The hopes of life are likely to be fulfilled. Obstacles will get rid of. The day is favorable.

Lucky Number – 25
Lucky color – light yellow

Number – 8 (Daily Numerology Number) (Today Lucky Number) (Lucky Colour Today)

Efforts made for the job will be successful, but a slight negligence in the work can complicate your progress. Will make plans for the future. There can be a fight with someone.

Lucky Number – 17
Lucky color – dark blue

Number – 9 (Daily Numerology Number) (Today Lucky Number) (Lucky Colour Today)

The mind will be calm and happy. Children will get support. There will be short trips. Lovers may face some strange situations. The trend in music will increase. Will do the shopping for myself. Can buy a gift for a woman.

Lucky Number – 27
Lucky color – dark red


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